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The themes below are unavoidable. They will be present at the game and cannot be opted out of at least witnessing:

  • Surrealism / Nonsense
  • Romantic entanglements, drama surrounding romance and/or mention thereof
  • Homosexuality / Coming out and/or mention thereof
  • (Partial) loss of agency as a character
  • High school cliques
  • Leading a boring, unsuccessful life / not reaching goals
  • Violence (Physical and verbal as in slapping, fist fights, screaming, cussing etc...)
  • Presence and consumption of psychedelic substances
  • Portrayal of intoxication / being “high”
  • Disappearance of a loved one
  • Mention or possibility of suicide / suicide attempt
  • Mention or possibility of illness and impending death of a loved one

Participants may choose to opt out of having any, all or none of the topics listed below present in their character. Participants will be able to check any (or none) of these in the character survey and will not be given a character touching upon these themes.

  • Violence / Bullying (Aggressor)
  • Violence / Bullying (Victim)
  • Addiction of any kind
  • Divorce / Failure of romantic connections
  • Secret crushes / romance against certain odds
  • Death / suicide attempt of a loved one
  • Death of a child and/or inability to conceive

The themes following below will not be present at Who The F♡CK is Alice whatsoever:

  • Pedophilia
  • Child abuse
  • Portrayal / themes of non-consensual sexual acts of any kind, including romantic involvement of teachers (or school staff) with minors
  • Discrimination/bigotry— including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, and ageism

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