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Sign Up Process

The sign-up process will start around mid- to late December 2020. We plan to assign spots and cast characters by mid-February 2021. This means pretty much exactly eight months for preparation and hype.

Depending on whether we can fill the larp (50-60 participants) within the first round of sign-ups or not, these dates may vary.

This has nothing to do with us not wanting to give you a great experience with the whole sign-up. It has everything to do with us needing a certain amount of participants to not run into financial trouble.

Regardless of the timing, the process is going to go as follows:

1: Sign-up period

This will take roughly 10 days, depending on how fast we can fill up the spots. It is not a first come, first served sign up. You'll have the same chance of getting a spot if you sign up in the first three minutes as if you do on the last day.You will NOT learn which character you are cast as at the same time we announce the spots. There will be a character creation survey after the spots are filled. 

2: Flagging

Flagging will take five days immediately after the sign-up period closes.Flagging is for safety and comfort reasons. We can't possibly know everyone who is signing up and we aren't aware of potential interpersonal conflicts that can disrupt the game. Which is why we will be asking you to reply to our Sign Up List email stating which, if any, individuals you personally want to flag. We will not judge and we will in most cases not ask you for reasons for a flag, but you may provide more information if you so wish, for clarification:

Yellow Flag: "I don't wish to play close to this person and I don’t want to sleep in the same room. I'm okay with both of us being present at the larp."

Orange Flag: "I'm not comfortable with this person for interpersonal reasons and if they attend, I will drop out. I don't deem them unsafe for others / the game, it's entirely personal."

Red Flag: "This person is unsafe for other participants / the game. If this person attends, I will drop out."

In case of Red flags, the organizer team reserves the right to ask for reasons to clarify the situation. We take Red flags very seriously but these situations can get complicated, so we want to handle them carefully.

Nobody will be told who flagged them. The process is entirely confidential between the organizing team and the potential participants. The organizers reserve the right to exclude potential participants from the spot lottery given a certain amount of Yellow and/or Orange Flags.

3: Spot assignment

This will take place after the flagging deadline is through. You will be informed via email whether you got a spot or not. There will be a participants-only Facebook group.

On the sign-up form, you are given the option to choose to remain on the waiting list, or drop out entirely in case you don't get a spot the first time around. The waiting list will be made public and remain open for anyone to join even after casting.

In any case, we are asking you to check your emails and spam-folders regularly for updates. Unresponsiveness concerning e.g. payment deadlines or waiting list spots will lead to you losing your spot on the casting or waiting list, whichever applies.

4: Casting

After the spot lottery, participants will receive a character creation survey. They will choose what kind of character they want to portray based on simple archetype lists and a selection of randomized character trait and behaviour descriptions.

Participants will receive a full character sheet with all necessary information when the results are in. Payment of the first non-refundable installment has to be completed before characters are sent out.

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