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[Age Restriction]

Please note that this larp is age restricted. All participants must be over 18 at the date of the game.

You will be asked to provide proof of age through photo ID / passport on site.


WTFIA will be a dry larp. This means that while there will be mocktails and virgin drinks posing as alcohol for the purpose of getting in-character drunk, there will be no real alcohol served at any time during the game. Real life drinking is reserved for off-game times before and after the larp. Vomiting and/or drunken vandalism will be fined.

We will expect all participants to respect this policy so everyone can have a safe game.


Each player will receive a character sheet with background on their two-in-one characters (“real life” and “dream creature” respectively) and a variety of relationship prompts with other players. Those relationships are purposely left open to encourage interactions between players. For example, it might say “During high school, you had a secret positive relationship with someone from the Stoner character-group.” It is up to you to determine who that someone is, together with the other player. There will be ample opportunities to work out these relationships before the game in online forums, or at a pre-larp workshop. 

We are using this method to encourage interactions between players. If this idea makes you uncomfortable, the organizers will help arrange the connections. Just let us know. 

[Character genders and sexual orientation]

All characters are non-gendered. Participants may choose their character’s gender upon casting. We do not implement any sexual orientation in the character sheets. A character might be married, divorced or widowed by design, but there will be no indication as to their preferences. This is the participants’ choice.

[Communication with the organizers]

We absolutely need a steady and reliable way of communication between participants and organizers. Any and all important matters will be dealt with via email from our official email account:

Participants are asked to check emails and spam-folders regularly for updates. Unresponsiveness concerning e.g. payment deadlines or waiting list spots will lead to you losing your spot on the casting or waiting list, whichever applies. It is up to the organizers to decide how long to wait for a response before consequences are put in place. In general, deadlines and consequences will be announced via email with plenty of time to respond.


Substance use and abuse will be one of the themes of the larp. The organizers will provide mock-drugs for use during the larp. We ask participants to not bring their own fake drugs to play with to avoid any possible confusion. There will be enough for everyone and it will be clearly labelled as to what is what to rule out insecurities about the real life contents of what is being consumed.

[Homosexuality in game]

In the “real life” portion of the larp and the character sheets, homosexuality is treated similarly to what it was like in the 1970s. Participants may choose to play a homosexual character in whichever way they please. Other characters treat the topic as a social taboo or may be allies. However, we are not allowing slurs and/or other homophobic violence to be portrayed.

[Playing on physical escalation]

Physical escalation, be it violent or romantic, will be played on abiding by the rules of slow escalation. We will use immersive verbal triggers (e.g. “Is that all you’ve got” / “Lay off”) to escalate and de-escalate. Also, we will offer and explain several techniques to portray scenes in an immersive way while respecting each others’ boundaries. We want to make it clear that while physical closeness and intense play on romantic intimacy (e.g. real life kissing) are allowed, enthusiastic and informed consent is our highest rule. No participant “has to” kiss anybody or allow someone to touch them. There are other ways to play on that which we will cover in our pregame workshops.


Participants are expected to engage in at least some communication with each other a few months before the larp takes place to establish back stories (see [Characters] section). We are looking for a collaborative experience which is made great by the active involvement of participants, we don’t want to larp AT you, but WITH you, which is why we are asking larpers to be open and inclusive towards others at all times. There will be Facebook groups to encourage relation building and other optional pregame activities via Facebook.

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