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“Why is a reunion like a writing-desk?”

1976. Has it been fifteen years already? Everyone is going to the high school reunion -- except for Alice, of course. It will be great to see everyone again; how they’ve changed; who they have become. It feels strange coming back, like Alice is still with us. We all have an inkling that there is more to her disappearance than meets the eye. Since she’s stopped writing about us, it feels as though we can’t move on; as if all the colour has been drained from our stories. Sadly, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put our dreams together again. What would she make of us now? Who have we become? Have we lost our muchness? Oh Dear, oh Dear, shall we be too late? Too late to change?

Main inspiration: The works of Lewis Carroll, David Lynch and the look and feel of the mid-1970s from a vaguely American point of view.


Everyone retains fond memories of their high school years. The late ‘50s and early ‘60s were a great time to be young and carefree at Liddell High School , at least for most. Even the staff who worked there thought that time was special. Most people tried to keep in touch with some of their friends from that time, but slowly everyone drifted apart as they got on with their lives. Some moved away; some stayed in town; but for everyone, Liddell high school became a fond memory.

One of the oddest memories was of a girl named Alice who wrote fantastical stories involving all of the people she had met. She would publish stories in the yearbook, student newspaper and sometimes just handed them out on paper. Just before graduation, she announced that she was working on a fabulous book based on all of her stories. She planned to hold a huge tea party the day it would be published.

A few years after graduation, she disappeared however. Nobody can agree on what really happened, although there are a bunch of theories. Someone says they saw a big limousine drive away with Alice inside, never to be seen again. Or was it an ambulance? Maybe a pick-up truck? A hearse? No one is really sure, although everyone has an opinion or seems to know someone who definitely saw… something.

From that day on, people’s lives changed. They became kind of colorless and dreary. Most had the vague feeling of having entered a bad dream or a poorly written play. The characters feel like they can change what’s going on but at the same time have no real power over what happens.

Now it is time for our 15th high school reunion. The chance to see old friends should be great. Anything that could introduce a bit of color into our lives would be welcome. How cool would it be if Alice were to show up? Probably not, but maybe someone has heard what really happened to her.

WTFIA will be a weird, surreal experience with a pinch of disco and a dash of intrigue. Each character has their Realworld persona from Liddell High School and a Wonderland alter ego made up of two creatures from Lewis Carroll’s works smashed together. No two characters are alike.

We invite participants to dive into the feeling of not knowing whether something is a dream or real. Everything feels normal and natural, yet it can’t be real. Can it? The experience culminates in a wacky tea party on Saturday evening where each character must answer the questions: Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy? Does it matter? Which do I want?

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